Multi Purpose Decentralized Platform Beldex Unveils Multiple Services for Users


Blockchain’s low resource, fast paced and efficient technology are definitely its biggest advantages. It is evident in the fact this technology is being adapted to every sector of finance, industry and other service businesses. Yet most platforms out there use the technology for a single, tight knit use case or product. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Dynamic Use With Beldex This is no more the case with Beldex, a Malaysian startup that has a broad range of services that it will be offering to the public. They have recently announced three different, separate services: Bel Trips: With a $44,000,000,000 industry, taxi services all around the world have a lot to gain from blockchain and decentralization. Bel Trips is a taxi service by Beldex that relies on blockchain technology, offering a flexible rate of service, that is automatically adjusted according to time of day, trip distance and locations. Bel Needs: Apart from a taxi service, Beldex also offers a delivery service, Bel Needs. The service is specifically designed to cater for deliveries in far flung areas, where normal delivery services do not operate. Thereby, the platform taps in to a previously untouched market segment. Debit Card: Understanding that cryptocurrency holders will not see digital currency being used in everyday life until regular services are provided, the platform offers a debit card that can be used to spend tokens, even where the platform is not reachable. Other services planned for the future include a hybrid decentralized exchange, allowing traders to deal…
Source: Multi Purpose Decentralized Platform Beldex Unveils Multiple Services for Users

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