Making $2,000 a Month With Cryptocurrency – ICO Bounties


On our quest to make $2,000 with cryptocurrency every single month, numerous options will need to be explored moving forward. As the bear market resumes, it seems unfeasible to rely on different forms of trading alone. Finding additional revenue sources is always worth looking into, although participating in ICO bounties is not necessarily as straightforward as people may assume. The ICO Bounties Concept On paper, participating in ICO-related bounties is a good way to make some additional money. A lot of projects will reward users for simple tasks on social media, Bitcointalk, and so forth. Moreover, participating in such campaigns is pretty easy as well, although there are some downsides for those expecting to see instant results where this opportunity is concerned first and foremost. The Frustrating Aspects to Take Note of The biggest issue most people have with ICO bounty campaigns is not necessarily finding tasks to complete or the amount of work involved. After all, retweeting something, filling in an email address, or even posting something in a Telegram group takes a few minutes at most. As such, the money awarded to users – even if it is just $1 – should be more than enough to keep a lot of people happy. Some bounties will pay far less money compared than others, though, but that is only to be expected. What is rather frustrating, however, is how one has to wait until the ICO ends prior to receiving any tokens. That seems a bit odd, considering these tokens…
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