Japanese Cryptocurrency Firms Struggle to Hire Software Engineers


It is safe to say cryptocurrency is still incredibly popular in Japan as of right now. Given the country’s designation of this form of money as legal tender, it is only normal that we will see further growth in the years to come. That is, assuming there are sufficient software engineers to accommodate companies’ needs. Right now, it seems that is still an ongoing struggle for all cryptocurrency firms. Japanese Software Engineer Shortage In a way, it’s almost surprising to learn that Japan doesn’t have a sufficient number of software engineers to accommodate the cryptocurrency industry. This mainly pertains to engineers who are well-versed in platform security, which is something every cryptocurrency firm needs right now. Hiring the right people is extremely difficult if they simply aren’t there to hire in the first place. Moreover, this issue has been present for quite some time now. Coincheck admitted that the hacking of its platform was partially due to not being able to hire enough software engineers to counter potential problems. Even though the company knew all too well it was a matter of time until things went awry, it had no other choice but to keep moving forward, by the look of things. Finding the right people for such positions is a big struggle in Japan. Even the use of headhunters, agencies, and so forth did not help the company in hiring enough people to keep the platform safe. This is just one exchange we are talking about, mind you, as Japan is home to…
Source: Japanese Cryptocurrency Firms Struggle to Hire Software Engineers

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