Japanese Conglomerate GMO Mined Over 200 Bitcoins In 2018 So Far


GMO Internet has released a monthly report on its mining business for February 2018, revealing that the company has mined over 200 bitcoins during this year so far. GMO has also mined over 300 Bitcoin Cash during 2018. Also Read: From ‘Attack’ to ‘Optimization’ — Slush Pool Reveals ASIC Boost Compatibility GMO Internet Mined $1.8 Million Worth of BTC and BCH in February Major Japanese conglomerate, GMO Internet, has released a report detailing the performance of its mining business. GMO Internet first announced its desire to start mining BTC and BCH during September 2017, before launching operations in December of the same year. In December 2017, GMO mined 21 BTC and 213 BCH – then valued at approximately $15,850 and $2,715 USD respectively. In January 2018, GMO mined 93 BTC and 25 BCH – then valued at roughly $10,300 and $1,500 each. GMO reported a hash rate of 22 penta hashes per second (PH/s) during December, and 27 PH/s during January. During February, GMO increased the scale of its mining operations, with GMO reporting a hash rate of 108 PH/s following the employment of additional hardware. GMO mined 124 BTC and 287 BCH during February 2018 – valued by GMO at approximately $10,670 and $1,240 respectively. GMO to Expand Mining Business The report states that GMO Internet’s “goal is to see the hash rate reach 3,000 PH/s this year,” indicating the company’s intention to soon comprise a major player within the bitcoin mining industry. If successful, a hash rate of 3,000…
Source: Japanese Conglomerate GMO Mined Over 200 Bitcoins In 2018 So Far

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