Is Huobi Aiming To Enter The American Market? Appraising Their Role in San Francisco Blockchain Week!

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The San Francisco Blockchain Week has ended but the ripple effect lingers on with some notable activities done through the week need to be x-rayed to understand better the impact of the conference on the cryptoshere as a whole.

No doubt, it was a successful conference which sees top Blockchain projects like Huobi grace the event with worthwhile contributions. In this article, we will dive in-depth on Huobi Global’s contribution during the San Francisco Blockchain Week and the passive possible outcome which could have us see Huobi joining league of top crypto platforms eyeing American market.

San Francisco Blockchain Week

Let have a quick check of what the week-long conference was all about. According to their official website, San Francisco (SF) Blockchain Week seeks to provide world-class education for both consumers and developers with the goal of pushing the boundaries of Blockchain innovation. The focus of the week-long, immersive experience is to help the industry reach mainstream adoption through fundamental education and engagement with projects leading the way. There seems to be truly something for everyone at this action-packed event. Attendees were asked to follow two simple rules: Come to Learn and Stay Curious!

SF Blockchain Week is also host to world class conferences including Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Hackathon and series of free educational events, developer workshops, technical meet-ups, and deep dives will be distributed in various locations around the city. It was hosted by Dekrypt Capital and Noris and backed by top crypto companies like Bitmain, CoinMarketCap, ICON ad others.

Popular keynote speakers include Vitalik Buterin (creator, Ethereum Blockchain), Charles Lee (creator, Litecoin), Balaji Srinivasan (CTO, Coinbase), Dawn Song (Founder/CEO Oasis Labs), Slava Rubin (Founder, Indiegogo), Xinshu Dong (CEO, Zilliqa), Mai Fujimoto (Miss Bitcoin), J.P Thieriot (CEO, upload) and others.

Huobi Global Expands into the US

It’s interesting to note that Huobi Global made their first US event execution during the San Francisco Blockchain Week. Let’s scan through some of their focus point in the week-long conference which fuel a suspicion that Huobi may be planning to enter the America crypto market anytime soon or in future as reported in the event activities guide officially published on their platform:

Huobi Activity Day 1 (9th October, 2018):

A Blockchain Cocktail Night was held by Huobi Group together with JLab and Token Foundry. David Chaum delivered a keynote speech with Experts, including senior executives of Huobi Group, discussed the latest development trends and and insights in the crypto-space.

Huobi Activity Day 2 (10th October, 2018):

Huobi Capital hosted a project pitch session. Huobi Capital‘s Managing Director Li Huo, Draper University’s VP Asra Nadeem, TechCrunch’s founder Michael Arrington, DDC Capital’s founder Adam B. Struck, Danhua Capital’s Managing Director Kevin Ding, and Head of Investment of FBG Nathan Li were part of the panellist who provided live comments on the projects presented during the pitch session.

Huobi Activity Day 3 (11th October, 2018):

Huobi Group eventually hosted a Huobi Silicon Valley Meet Up together with Danhua Capital. Professor Zhang Shoucheng delivered a keynote speech while Huobi Capital Managing Director Li Huo; Huobi Eco Fund Head of Investment in North America Will Wang; Managing Director of Danhua Capital Kevin Ding; founder of Dragonfly Capital Alexander Pack; and Edith Yeung, partner with 500 Startups, took part in a panel discussion hosted by CoinDesk journalist Leigh Cuen on value-based investment in a bear market.

Conclusion: Considering the 3 days-long activities above and Huobi having high-level and some of their team lead present in that US conference delegates as their representative indeed signals what we await to be unveiled in time to come.

If Huobi will eventually invest in some America’s Blockchain Startups presented during the pitch session still remains a question without a clear answer yet.


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Kindly do your own researches before you invest in any crypto project because the above is for information purpose only, and not to be taken as professional or legal investment/trading advice.


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