Increased Github Scrutiny Means Lazy ICO Developers Have No Place to Hide


Scrutinizing Github commits is a task that calls for technical knowledge. As a result, any layperson scrutinizing a repository won’t glean much other than the level of activity. Thankfully, that’s starting to change. New tools and blogs have made it easier for anyone to discern the quality of code uploaded by cryptocurrency projects. As a result, lazy developers have no place to hide. Also read: Crypto Community Fears Passage of the CLOUD Act Shining a Spotlight on Github Activity Mona the Github mascot The world’s largest host of source code, Github boasts over 20 million users and 57 million repositories. From traditional tech companies to altcoin projects and ICOs, anyone and everyone who works with code can use the platform to upload and document their latest activity. This enables bugs to be tracked, requests to be made, and tasks managed by teams that are often distributed around the globe. Because the majority of crypto projects are open source, Github also grants the public a means of inspecting the code and discerning the level of activity. Making sense of all those pull and merge requests filed in multiple repos calls for a degree of expertise, however, and preferably some coding knowledge. Otherwise, it’s easy to mistake minor bug fixes and document translations for meaningful activity that is significantly advancing a project. Thankfully, a number of cryptocurrency tracking sites now include Github information, making it easier to gauge the quality of code being produced. Cryptomiso and Onchainfx Cut Through the Clutter has…
Source: Increased Github Scrutiny Means Lazy ICO Developers Have No Place to Hide

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