Crypto Giant Spread Tentacles into Middle East and Africa with Huobi MENA Exchange

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The cryptocurrency exchange giant firm, Huobi Global is not resting on her toes to indeed go Global and contribute to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency across the world. This time, the move is taking over the Middle East and Africa with a dedicated exchange to cater for the users from those regions called Huobi MENA.

Let us dive deeper into what Huobi MENA is all about in this article and what that means to crypto community in the Middle East and Africa.

How Large is Middle East and Africa for Crypto Adoption

The Middle East

According to Wikipedia, The Middle East is a transcontinental region centered in East Asia. It consists of about 18 Countries and a population of over 350Million people according to 2010 censor records with Saudi Arabia been the largest in term of ethnic, economy and country population in the region.

Picture credit: Wikipedia

The region is also responding faster to cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology a bit beyond Africa and thus a good spot to capture crypto adoption by for Huobi Group.


Wikipedia described Africa as the world’s second largest and most populous continent with diverse ethnic groups, languages and culture. Though Algeria is considered the largest country only by land mass, the main Giant of Africa by population remains my dear nation, Nigeria (yeah am a Nigerian).

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With a huge population of about 1.2Billion according to 2016 censor records, Africa is no doubt a place to push for international dominance by Crypto giants like Huobi. Not far off Binance launched their African version in Uganda which proves that Huobi’s move is right and timely.

What is Huobi MENA?

Huobi MENA is the version of Huobi exchange dedicated to catering for their users across the Middle East and Africa which currently covers 20 countries with about 400 million crypto/Blockchain inclined population.

It also has a dedicated exchange link. If you are from the Middle East or Africa, join the live site now via

With Huobi Global years of experience in managing one of the world’s leading crypto exchange, It is not an overstatement to say that Huobi MENA will also get nothing less in terms of technical and non-technical support for its users. Thus, it worth trying out if you are from those continents.


How Huobi MENA Expansion Fast-tracked with World Blockchain Submit in Dubai

There is a dedicated team behind Huobi MENA lead by Mohit Davar, Co-Founder & Director of Huobi MENA. Davar is a serial entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of Huobi MENA and also double as the chairman of the International Money Transfer Network.

As part of its expansion plans, Huobi MENA was part of the global series of elite gatherings in Dubai called, “The World Blockchain Summit” (#WBSDubai). The World Blockchain Summit in Dubai (WBSDubai) was on October 24th & 25th at Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel with notable attendees consist of crypto influencers, industry speakers, founders, advisors, advocates, and even a supermodel- Nikita Sachdev to talk about a variety of topics in Blockchain.

Huobi MENA Summary

Name: Huobi MENA

Launched: October 2018

Parent Company: Huobi Global

Target: Middle East & Africa

Status: Live Exchange

Exchange Website: (sign free with chances of early birds offers)

Exchange Support (Telegram):

I will like to have feedback of your experience on Huobi MENA exchange as a comment or through our telegram group (link at footer) and might also consider doing a step-by-step video tutorial later on this to help our newbie users more.


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