Huobi Investors Club: A Sign of More Institutional Investors Entering the Cryptoshere?

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One of the popular terms in the crypto world is an institutional investor, and we will glance through whom these set of investors are, why are they hot topic in the cryptoshere, what are the things some established crypto company like Huobi Global are doing to attract this set of investors to embrace crypto and Blockchain.

Who Are Institutional Investors?

According to MyCryptoDictionary definition, Institutional investor refers to an organization, business or institution who commits their money or part of their corporate investment portfolio into in a cryptocurrency coin/token project with the expectation of Return On Investment (ROI) as the coin/token gains popularity and eventually increases in price for profit.

Unlike an individual investor, most institutional investors inject a huge amount of money into any crypto project they invest in and do not just focus on instant profit but rather use their investment as a means of offering support for coin/token projects they considered worthwhile.

Why Are Institutional Investors Hyped in Crypto?

Considering MyCDApp description of Whom Institutional Investors are, it indeed worth the hype has they are seen to be the custodian of the largest portion of fiat based investments and their investment in crypto will be a huge boost for the cryptoshere as a whole.

What Will Be The Impact of Institutional Investors In Cryptoshere?

Having institutional investors in Crypto might help achieve some milestone easily as in the Crypto world as follows:

  1. It will serve as a sign of mainstream adoption
  2. The coin/token they invest in will become more stabilized. Therefore reducing the high volatility nature of crypto price which has been one of the major issues why non-coiner are finding it difficult to adopt crypto as stable means of payment personally or for business.
  3. It will lead to more visible use-case of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology beyond just trading and ICO tokens swinging.
  4. It will make it easier to have more Crypto friendly regulations across the World. Currently, it’s hard to even understand where most countries stand in term of regulating crypto due to unclear regulatory atmosphere been experienced by crypto investors and traders. Having institutional investors will help push for clearer regulatory stands for each country across the World.
  5. It will boost the crypto market capitalization and increase liquidity across crypto markets and exchanges. Presently, the whole cryptocurrency market cap is moving between $190Billion to $300Billion after a sharp fall; from an ATH of about $650Billion in early 2018. If some of these Institutional Investors allocate just 1% -10% of their current investment portfolio into crypto investment, the market cap could easily jump to a trillion dollar and more.
  6. It will be one of the catalysts to push crypto from Bear market to another Bull market

What Is Huobi Doing To Encourage More Institutional Investors Into Crypto?

Huobi Group, established in 2013, is the leading global Blockchain asset financial service, provider. Headquartered in Singapore and consisting of ten upstream and downstream enterprises, Huobi Group is the world’s leading Blockchain Company with an accumulative turnover exceeding $1 trillion. It proudly provides safe, secure, and convenient cryptocurrency trading and asset management services to millions of users in 130+ countries.

Huobi is one of the top crypto Company pushing for more inclusion of Institutional Investors into the cryptocurrency world. One of the giant steps taking recently was the introduction of APAC.

A glance at the quote from Huobi Managing director could also help give insight into how the company is preparing and pushing for the influx of Institutional Investors in Cryptoshere:

The cryptocurrency market is a fast-maturing one and, as this occurs, more and more institutional investors will be seeking to participate in it,”

Opening Huobi up to more elite investors in the region aligns closely with our global strategy,” said Edward Chen, Huobi’s APAC Managing Director.

Huobi Introduces First APAC Prestige Investor Summit?

According to Huobi official medium article, let’s check out some of the steps the company is taking to encourage more institutional investors to diversify their portfolio into crypto too.

As the first step to establishing its brand-new offices in Asia Square as the central hub for quantitative, API, and institutional cryptocurrency trading in the Asia Pacific region, Huobi Global hosted its first ever APAC Prestige Investors Seminar on Monday.

One hundred top-level quantitative traders attended the event to hear industry experts like Justin Chow, Head of Business Development of Cumberland, John Lin, CEO and Founder of Tilde, and Damien Loh, Chief Investment Officer of Ensemble Capital, share exclusive market insights and observations. Topics included the role of artificial intelligence in crypto trading, tail risk within cryptocurrency markets, and the use of quantitative trading in cryptocurrency trading.

Huobi Global also used the occasion to announce the launch of its Prestige Investors Club, an exclusive, invite-only organization for quantitative, institutional, and other elite level tradersAmong other benefits, membership includes dedicated account managers, high-quality engineering support for API trading, and invitations to monthly roundtable discussions focusing on specific crypto matters.

The event also featured an awards ceremony, where some of cryptocurrency trading’s brightest minds were recognized.

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Huobi Global Launching programs and events probably means the crypto market is at indeed growing and gravitating towards full maturity because having more institutional investors will help jump a lot of hurdles faced currently with crypto adoption and regulations worldwide. Indeed, brighter days ahead of this new disruptive technology.

Do you believe this move by Huobi is in the right direction and at the right time and will it really help the cryptoshere? Share your thought via comment or in our official telegram group.


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Kindly do your own researches before you invest in any crypto project because the above is for information purpose only, and not to be taken as professional or legal investment/trading advice.

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