Here Are Some More Things That Really Don’t Need Blockchain


Every week, the inbox, and that of every other crypto newsdesk, fills up with press releases festooned with gratuitous use of the word ‘blockchain’. We’re not against blockchain technology – all of our favorite cryptocurrencies are reliant on it – but we’re vehemently against things being given blockchain that have no right to that moniker, like the following examples. Also read: Bitcoin and Mnemonics: The Art of the Secret Phrase Blockchain, Because 2018 Bemoaning gratuitous appropriation of blockchain isn’t anything new; this publication, and many others, have been bemoaning its brand-jacking for months. Since PR companies don’t seem to have taken the hint, it behoves us to name and shame some of the more egregious cases, in the hope that others take the hint. We’ll start with Our Music Festival. The event, scheduled for San Francisco on October 20, will be “the first-ever blockchain powered festival.” Its organizers have been “exploring the potential synergies between blockchain technology and the festival business.” Having done some cursory exploring ourselves, we failed to detect any. Sorry, OMF, but we’ll pass. A selection of the spurious blockchain PR messages we receive on a weekly basis What else has reached the inbox lately from the world of blockchain? In “Half Of All Millennials Heart Coupons: How Blockchain Will Take Discounting To The Next Level” we learn that “Blockchain technology allows for the greatest degree of customization instead of that one-size fits all coupon on Groupon. The digital ledger allows companies to look at what…
Source: Here Are Some More Things That Really Don’t Need Blockchain

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