GRAFT Blockchain Has Launched CryptoFind, An App That Maps All Crypto-friendly Venues

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The Graft Blockchain created a new app- CryptoFind – which enables crypto –savvy buyers to locate venues that accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The app is a network that connects crypto owners with merchants, which will grow on its own through the users’ contributions. This application will permit the further development of the way payments are made with digital currencies. 13th February 2018 Graft, a blockchain-based payment network that operates worldwide, was created for Point-of-Sale transactions. The network intends to rid the issues that the current cryptocurrency payment system is facing, eliminating long waiting intervals and high fees per transactions. They want to facilitate how transactions happen between merchants and buyers, making it easier for them to accept digital currencies at the point of sale. The newly launched product, CryptoFind, will bring together on a global virtual map, all venues that accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their products or services. Although the app is a GRAFT blockchain creation, it can record merchants from all locations, not being limited to locations that are enabled by GRAFT. CryptoFind will place on its map the businesses that use digital currencies as payment via methods such as Mobile PoS, Wallet to Wallet, and Partner Credit Card Terminals. Graft has its own live main net, a network where all transactions take place on a distributed ledger, which was completed ahead of schedule and launched on January 16th. The network is different than other competitors, as it runs its services on its own blockchain. This…
Source: GRAFT Blockchain Has Launched CryptoFind, An App That Maps All Crypto-friendly Venues

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