Fork Watch: List of BCH Services Providing Fork Support and Network Monitoring Tools


The Bitcoin Cash community have been heavily discussing and preparing for a possible network split due to two development teams competing on which featured consensus changes will be added to the next upgrade. Additionally, over the last two weeks, Bitcoin Cash infrastructure providers such as exchanges and wallet services have been revealing their contingency plans for the upcoming hard fork scheduled for Nov. 15. Also read: A Look at Bitcoin Replay Attacks and Self-Managed UTXO Protection    Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem Prepares for the Fork Every six months, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network schedules a fork to implement new features and scaling enhancements to the BCH chain. The last two upgrades back in Nov. 2017 and May 2018 were successful and there wasn’t much controversy revolving around those forks. This time around, however, the fork is contentious as there are two development teams with two entirely different proposed ruleset changes for the Nov. 15 upgrade. Because the two implementations competing do not have replay protection and cannot come to an agreement on consensus changes, BCH infrastructure providers have begun to outline business plans for the fork. A List of BCH Infrastructure Providers That Have Publicly Announced Fork Support In order to keep our readers informed of the impending fork, has compiled a comprehensive list of exchanges, payment platforms, and wallet providers who have publicly detailed their business plans for the upcoming fork. Bitpay Coinbase Bitso Bittrex Binance Upbit Purse Poloniex Keepkey Ledger Trezor Jaxx Kucoin Liquid Exchange Okex Bitforex…
Source: Fork Watch: List of BCH Services Providing Fork Support and Network Monitoring Tools

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