Finally a trading bot that anyone can use

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Trading needs to be objective to make money. When we fall in love with our holdings, it is when we start losing money. Buying and selling, should be sentiment free and should be undertaken only for the sole purpose of profit maximization. It is thus good to minimize the human element in trading at times and let a machine do its thing. What is more it also frees a trader from the screen and allows them to continue the pursuit of earning profit 24 hours a day. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article It makes sense then to use smart tools to do away with the uncertainty caused by the human element. 3Commas, which launched back in September 2017 has automated tools that allow crypto traders to free themselves from their trading terminals. The long and short of it Traders whether big or small like some control over their trades but in a 24 hour crypto market, if you are not trading all the time, you are losing out. The automated trading bot from 3Commas solves a lot of problems. The trading bot can help carry out trades on exchanges like  and users can create a new automated bot and fix parameters of trading at the time of bot creation. After which, the bot will offer cryptocurrency for sale on the chosen market. In case the price rise, the profit goal is achieved, in case of a decline in prices, safety orders are placed below the purchase every X%. This is…
Source: Finally a trading bot that anyone can use

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