Exchanges Latest Updates: Binance (See Details)

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Latest News: Binance Exchange

Resetting Two-Factor Authentication

For anyone that needs to reset their 2FA, you will need to open a support ticket ( If you already have, please attach the following to it:

1) The front your ID card or passport, with the personal information clearly visible.

2) A picture of the back of your ID card. If using a passport, include a picture of the cover.

3) A picture of yourself with the current date/time on a handwritten note, including your request (“Reset 2FA”), with the front side of your ID card clearly visible.

After you have completed this, we will reset your 2FA as soon as we are able. Once reset, you will be unableto withdraw for 48 hours. This is for the security of your account.

Source: Binance English official telegram group

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