Ethfinex Outlines Its Upcoming Token Listing Changes


Ever since Bitfinex launched its secondary trading platform, there has been some uncertainty regarding how the platform handles things. As such, the Ethfinex team has decided to clarify the token listing process and further explain how some of the decisions are being made behind the scenes. The Ethfinex Listing Policy Explained It is commendable to see a major company such as Bitfinex focus its attention on launching a secondary platform for Ethereum-based tokens. This is especially true when considering how many Ethereum-based tokens exist today. Culling the wheat from the chaff has been a daunting challenge so far, and it seems a lot more progress needs to be made in this regard. As such, companies such as Ethfinex need to maintain very strict token listing policies. More specifically, the company prides itself on giving community members the chance to vote on new tokens listed on this platform. That process has attracted a lot of positive attention so far. However, this doesn’t mean Ethfinex can just list any and every token that comes to market. If there is no real community demand for specific tokens, adding them serves no real purpose. Even so, the community voting process needed some clarification. To participate, users need Ethfinex Voting Tokens, which are issued to Nectar Token holders every two weeks. It is also possible to buy and sell EVT tokens on the Ethfinex platform. The three tokens which receive the most votes will be added to Ethfinex and Bitfinex, assuming they pass all due…
Source: Ethfinex Outlines Its Upcoming Token Listing Changes

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