Etherscan: How To Check Your ERC20 Tokens Balance in Ether Wallet

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Yeah, there are times you have applied for Airdrops and other ERC-20 tokens based platforms but confusion sets in on how to check if you have received the Airdrop, ICO and others into your Ethereum address. This guide will help.

Whats is ERC20 Tokens?
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How To Check Airdrop and Other ERC20 Token Balance?

There are different ways to do that but one of the most common we have tested so far is EtherScan

1) Click Here to open etherscan

2) Put your Ethereum address in the search box

3) Search and it will scan and display details of the account

4) Locate section called Token Tracker

5) You will notice a dropdown in front of it (Check screenshot below), click and it will reveal all the list of ERC20 tokens you have and their value in dollars.

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