EOS, Cardano and Tezos: Sleeping Giants Starting to Stir

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EOS, Cardano and Tezos are cryptocurrency’s big sleepers. The latter project has lain dormant since last summer while its legal troubles played out, while EOS and Cardano have been beavering away, but have yet to produce the goods. With signs that all three projects are now stirring into life, investors might finally see a return. The question is, which of these sleeping giants – if any –  can lay a glove on Ethereum? Also read: Kathleen Breitman: Tezos Will “Go Rogue” and Launch Soon Ethereum’s Party Poopers Are Late to the Party Assessing the merits of EOS, Cardano, and Tezos is impossible without assessing the merits of Ethereum. Its shadow looms large over the three projects, each of which is inexorably linked with Ethereum, the direct competitor they’re trying to topple. Tezos is bidding to be a better governed Ethereum, EOS is trying to be a faster Ethereum, and Cardano actually is Ethereum – sort of. Project founder Charles Hoskinson was an Ethereum co-founder and close advisor to Ethereum Classic. Oh, and Hoskinson also helped found Bitshares with Dan Larimer, who is now at EOS, but the two have since fallen out. More on that later. The problem all three cryptocurrency projects are trying to solve can be lazily dubbed The Ethereum Problem. In terms of dominance and market capitalization, Ethereum is the runaway leader in the smart contract space. The vast majority of ICOs launch on it, and thousands of smart contracts, dApps, APIs, and cloud-based systems are integrated with…
Source: EOS, Cardano and Tezos: Sleeping Giants Starting to Stir

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