Eidoo Brings a Hybrid Exchange and Multicurrency Wallet to the Cryptocurrency World


As the crypto world continues to expand, it’s becoming clear that there won’t be a single universal cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin remains one of the more popular digital currencies out there, Ethereum is quickly gaining traction. For example, a recent report from Weiss Ratings assigned grades to dozens of cryptocurrencies based on a number of metrics, and Ethereum received a higher rating than Bitcoin. Yet as Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies become more desirable, crypto holders now require a single application to leverage all financial products in one place. The Swiss-based startup Eidoo has solved this problem by creating a mobile app that serves as a multicurrency digital wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens. Additionally, Eidoo functions as a hybrid exchange, allowing users to sell, buy, spend and convert cryptocurrencies on one platform. Simplified Blockchain Interaction Eidoo aims to simplify the interaction between the blockchain and its users to help make cryptocurrency mainstream. Eidoo does this by providing an easy-to-use application with a “human to blockchain” interface designed for all cryptocurrency needs. As a result, the complexity of the crypto world becomes easier to manage. One of the main benefits of Eidoo is that the user experience is based on simplicity and control. Once users download the Eidoo mobile app, they can secure all their multi-asset accounts and addresses, as well as their signing keys. Eidoo simplifies and protects wallets by allowing users to access their cryptocurrencies in one place with one password, which is comprised of 12 words. In case of emergency, Eidoo…
Source: Eidoo Brings a Hybrid Exchange and Multicurrency Wallet to the Cryptocurrency World

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