DAY4 #MyCDAppGiveaway: Rate MyCryptoDictionary App and Win 250KIN Tokens Instantly

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Its getting more exciting as winners emerges daily in this 30Days long MyCryptoDictionaryGiveaway and all previous days winners received their 250KIN tokens each. We are now in DAY4:

Amazingly we will be having 13 winners today instead of 4 (Each winner gets 250KIN tokens).

The reason is that for DAY1, we had just 2 Winners out of 4, DAY2 1 winner out of 4 and none for DAY3. Thus, to assure that we have dedicated the 50,000KIN for this 30days giveaway already, we are adding the 9 unclaimed slots to the 4 wining slots today and that makes it 13 unique wining codes.

How To Win The 3,250KIN For MyCDAppGiveaway DAY4?

1) You MUST read and follow the instructions on the giveaway terms and condition CLICK HERE NOW. If you missed any of the instructions on the page, even if you get the unique winning codes, you will not be credited any token.

2) Do DAY4 Tasks below:


i) Click on the social media buttons on the Terms and condition page in (1) above to share it. And make sure you follow,join,subscribe,like and register to all accounts on the Terms page before you attempt the daily task below or your entry will be invalid and may be passed to next user without any explanation to you.

ii) Share this post too

iii) Rate MyCDApp in Android Store – Click Here (Note, anonymous account rating will not be rewarded and all existing raters are eligible for this reward without need to redo the rating)

iv) Once you successfully rated and execute above completely skipping none, then pick out one of the 13 unique wining codes sent to the ANN page of our App to fix up in your details as explained on the terms page for this giveaway and post in the telegram group to claim your wining. Please include your name as it appears on your account used for the rating in the details sent to the telegram group.

Warning: Attempting to claim multiple codes daily will disqualify your entry totally for that day and repeated violation will cause a ban. Don’t be greedy, lets other members too benefit! Also make sure you have followed, like, comment and registered on platforms specified under the terms page before you post your information to claim wining.

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