The cryptocurrency world is witnessing mass adoption gradually; brands and platforms with large financial portfolio are also joining the league to keep up with the disruptive trend and nature of the Blockchain tech era. One of those major noticeable moves is the Venture Capitalists joining one of the leading Bitcoin exchange Huobi HADAX Super Voting Nodes. In this article, we will have an in-dept discussion on top 4 reasons why HuobiPro HADAX Supernodes is attracting Venture Capitalists.

What is HADAX?

HADAX is an acronym of Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange owned by the popular centralized cryptocurrency exchange Huobi (also known as Huobi Pro).


2 Unique Features of HADAX Cyptocurrency Exchange

Considering the fact that the mother platform Huobi is already among top 3 Bitcoin exchange in the world as of today. One, then wonder why the need to setup another cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, we will look through some of the unique features integrated in HADAX which possibly could not easily be re-integrated into the already existing exchange HuobiPro.

1) Crypto Coin/Token listed on HADAX goes through thorough examination by the team; third party pro organization and the members through voting before it could be listed. This means chances of having shit coin/token scaling through all these though screening process is very slim and likely impossible thereby making HADAX a more saver exchange than other existing Bitcoin exchanges that list coin/tokens with little or no checkup on their project at all.

2) Crypto traders are more secured via token developers’ security fund: One of the essential prerequisite for getting listed on HADAX is Security Deposit. This means the token team are required to drop huge security deposit which they get back in 12 instalmental payments with 1year and in case their project fails and get delisted for whatever reason, the security deposit will be paid to users to cover any losses caused instead of been paid back to the team.

Cool, that makes every coin/token team to do their homework well before applying for listing on HADAX or risk the huge loss and HADAX secures its users with their security deposit.

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What is HADAX Super Voting Nodes?

HADAX Super voting nodes are the professional investment organizations with an excellent reputation to vote for projects. Their responsibility is to make professional reviews and vote to projects that apply for HADAX voting. They help users to select quality projects using their expertise and reduce their investment risks. Super voting nodes are important partners of HADAX voting.


Top 5 Reasons Why Venture Capitalists Join Huobi HADAX Super Voting Nodes

With the continuous expansion of Huobi Group’s global business, the global influence including HADAX continues to increase, and the interests of super-nodes are also constantly improving. Specifically there are five aspects:

1) Should 100% of the Super Nodes vote for the project, Huobi Pro will conduct the review process for listing onto Huobi Pro’s exchange. HADAX will also hold “Super Node Voting Special Session” from time to time. Super Node voting can directly go to HADAX’s project (take the top ranked total votes). This means that the Super Node has certain currency voting privileges.

2) Super Nodes can participate in the screening of massive projects through the Huobi platform and reach more high-quality project resources. Whoever can take the lead in reaching more quality project resources will be able to cast a unicorn in the blockchain era.

3) Super Nodes have the right to participate in workshop special topics organized by Huobi Capital & Research Institute. Workshop will invite Huobi Research Institute and Huobi Capital to exclusively share and analyze the frontier blockchain investment field. In addition, super-nodes have the opportunity to participate in the Huobi Talk live broadcast on the Youtube channel.

4) On the Huobi platform, the Super Nodes’ recommended project has priority for preliminary review. This means that a large number of high-quality project resources need to actively communicate with Super Nodes to obtain recommendations.

5) Super Nodes can participate in meetup and conferences around the world in Huobi, participate in the review of project roadshows, and match project resources.

For example: On May 24, 2018, Huobi Pro hosted the “Blockchain Festival Vietnam” mega-conference in Ho Chi Minh City. Huobi collaborated with Super Nodes creating exposure for them with exhibition booths with Super Nodes billboards, promotional posters and brochures. The Super Nodes were also invited to participate in the stage to interact with the participating audiences, and acted as a judge for the project road show, and scored reviews of the blockchain projects involved in the selection. Multi-channel increase brand exposure.


Brief Check on Existing HADAX Super Nodes

At as the time of writing this article, there exists over 45 HADAX Super Nodes and some of them are;


ALPHACOIN is a Singapore based venture capital fund focused on investing blockchain technology and tokens. Since 2017, ALPHACOIN has invested in over 30 leading blockchain technology projects both home and abroad, with a total investment amount in exceed of 50 million USD. Among the investment portfolio, there is BASIS.IO, a stable coin project that was co-invested by top-tier venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Bain Capital; and there is IOST.IO, which was co-invested by Sequoia Capital, etc. Our investment team consists of professionals from Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Singapore and Silicon Valley. Their backgrounds cover traditional and crypto venture capital investing, blockchain technology and crypto exchange operations. Our investment team is capable of comprehensively assessing blockchain projects based on their technology know-how, engineering capability,business model soundness, and team competency. As a venture capital fund focusing on investment in blockchain technology, ALPHACOIN has founded strategic partnerships with both top-tier venture capital institutions such as Zhen Fund, Sequoia Capital, FBG, Danhua Capital, etc and service providers . With its connections in the blockchain industry, ALPHACOIN has been long dedicated to building an orbicular industry chain with its partners, so as to provide value-added services such as technology assistance, business development advising, marketing, partnership building and exchange listing consulting to the companies we’ve invested.

2) Bitmain

Founded in the end of 2013, Bitmain Technologies is devoted to providing high performance supercomputing chip, hardware and software products. Main business line of the company includes Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Currently, Bitmain-made miner (AntMiner) takes up 85%+ of the bitcoin miner market, and the first Bitmain-made ASIC for AI applications has been tested successfully. Later, AI-related hardware products will be published. The company is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in other areas of China, the United States, the Netherlands, Israel and some other countries. Among all the staff, 70%+ are engaged in R&D work, 50%+ have master or doctor degrees. Core team members come from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other world-class universities, and they also come from other countries including the United States.

3) Collinstar Capital

Collinstar capital founded from 2015, it’s a venture capital company based in Australia, which foucs on investing in financial technology, blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s an early investor for burgeoning cryptocurrency, included Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc, and already became the leading company in blockchain and cryptocurrency of Australia even the whole world. Collinstar capital has already done dozens of investment for blockchain projects, and all these projects have already spreader all over the blockchain industry.

Others HADAX Super Nodes includes but not limited to LinkVC, Krypital Group, Kenetic, Goopal Digital Capital and others. To learn more on how to join Huobi HADAX Super Voting Nodes Click Here!

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Kindly do your research before you invest in any crypto project because the above is for information purpose only not as professional or legal investment/trading advise.

 5 Reasons Why HADAX Cryptocurrency Exchange is Unique Among other Bitcoin Exchange Peers

Every year new exchanges spring up to take the spotlight of cryptocurrency exchange world and Huobi Pro’s HADAX seems to be stealing the show come 2018. Thus, let’s check out some of its uniqueness compared to other similar Bitcoin exchanges.


What is HADAX?

HADAX is an acronym of Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange owned by the popular centralized cryptocurrency exchange Huobi (also known as Huobi Pro).

Image result for HADAX picture

5 Unique Features of HADAX Cyptocurrency Exchange

Considering the fact that the mother platform Huobi is already among top 5 Bitcoin exchange in the world as of today. One, then wonder why the need to setup another cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, we will look through some of the unique features integrated HADAX which possibly could not easily be re-integrated into the already existing exchange.

1)  HADAX  is for professional traders: Yeah, you read that right? It is not available for starter crypto trader and you will need to prove that a bit first via the HuobiPro exchange (Open to all pro and newbie) and then you can be absorbed into HADAX.

2) Crypto Coin/Token listed on HADAX  goes through thorough examination by the team; third party pro organization and the members through voting before it could be listed. This means chances of having shit coin/token scaling through all these though screening process is …….


Every new immerging technology always come with its ups and down while many even argued that it do take approximate 20years for such to experience firmness and wide adoption. Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology Blockchain is not exempted from this interesting show and a lot of what could be called drama surfacing daily in the sphere like the Huobi user protection fund.

In this article, I will like to look at the past and present of crypto exchanges and the good and the ugly too. How far have things evolved and what should be in view what we journey further into mass adoption of crypto and its tech.

Image result for huobi user protection fund images

Read full details from source at

There are exciting Blockcahin based solution providers and problem solving projects like Pineapple Coin in Cryptocurrency you might want to checkout in 2018 and beyond. We take time to review some of it on this blog to our fast growing MyCD App users community.

Let take a glance on What is Pineapple Coin? The technical info, roadmap, App and even giveaways related to the project.

What is Pineapple Coin?

Pineapple coin is a Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Agricultural based and focused Network. Distinctively, it aim to disrupt the Agric sector by helping connect farmers to their nearby farmers and vice-versa. It has total supply of just 12,000,000,000PNAC

Pineapplecoin Features?

They outlined some features on their website but we will mention just three that seems to take the lead.

1) Waves Token: The token is issued and transacted using Waves Blockchain and its features. Thus, you need Waves wallet to store Pineapple coin.

2) Ecosystem: The Pineapple coin is to be the basic token and medium of payment within the Pineapple Agricultural ecosystem.

3) App: With launch of MyFarmer App, Pineapple coin is used as the underlaying payment token for every transaction done within farmers and consumers connected via the App.

Other Officially Listed Features of PNAC?

Their official website outline the following features which might be of interest to understand the platform better;

• The ultimate tools for finding a farmer near you, and locating your fresh organic products.
• Sort farmers by specialism, reputation, distance, and products.
• Make lists of your favorite local farmers, and stay in touch with them.
• Build the reputation of your preferred farmers, by rating and commenting on your experience

• Easily manage your budget with our MyFarmer Wallet.

Pineapplecoin Technical Specifications?

> Coin/Token Name: Pineapple Coin

> Symbol: PNAC

> Maximum Supply: 12,000,000,000PNAC

> Products/Services: MyFarmer Mobile App

> MyFarmer Mobile Application
MyFarmer Mobile App facilitate exchange between Farmers & Consumers. Find a farmer around you and get the most delicious vegetables, fruits, meat and more.

Pineapple coin Platforms?

There are different way to connect with PNAC official platforms as listed below;

> Telegram:

> Website:

> Twitter:

> LinkedIn:

> Facebook:

How to Get Pineapple coin?

There are different way to do that;

i) Get 95,000PNAC Free Via Airdrop – Closed

ii) Purchase via ICONot Opened Yet  

iii) Weekly Giveaway – They do give out 1,000-10,000PNAC weekly via random tasks via twitter, click to follow their official handle above to stay updated for chance to win.

iv) Bounty (Share info about Pineapplecoin like this you just read and get compensations)


Cryptocurrency trading and investment is a risk. Only invest/trade what you can afford to lose and always do your own research before you invest/trade on reviewed projects on this website because we will not be liable for any loss incurred.

As our culture to always bring you best in ICO, Trading signals and bounty always to help you maximize your cryptocurrency investment and happy member of MyCryptoDictionary App users community. We are here with another platform by name Alphabit.

What is Alphabit? is a decentralized social media community. The internet is being censored all around us and big organizations control what people see and don’t see in the form of not only advertisements but also complicated algorithms. aims to change the censorship and control of the internet.

Alphabit believes that the creators of content and those viewing the content deserve to be rewarded in the form of Aphabit (LPH) for what they provide to the community. There is no middle man or mediatary control over the community.

What does Alphabit have to offer users?

They have a lot of features but lets just talk about two;

  1. Social media platform: Socialize with other community members worldwide
  2. Earn for No1: That means you earn their token for been active and interacting with other members as state is 1 above.

How To Earn on Alphabit?

You can earn on Alphabit doing the following including but not limited to the following:

  • Creating an Account
  • Posting an Update
  • Uploading a Profile Photo
  • Adding Friends
  • Posting in Forms
  • Joining Groups
  • Viewing Pages / Content
  • Selling Content
  • Positive Behavior
  • Plus a whole bunch more

How To Get Alphabit?

The basic ways to get it as of now is via;

  1. ICO – Click Here For ICO
  2. Bounty – Click Here For Bounty Offers

Click Here To Go To Alphabit Official Website Now

Whitepaper (Download MyCryptoDictionaryApp for full meaning of WhitePaper) is an essential part of any coin/token platform seeking to get investors to invest their money into their project.

It tells more of what the project is about, team behind it, stages and roadmap with other details like ICO and Airdrop.

It is common to have it in PDF format but we came across a more pro and beautiful way to present your white paper in a more appealing manner and also helps to write it in short and precise manner to avoid boring prospective investors. Remember your Whitepaper says alot about your project and could be a turn-on or turn-off point for prospective investors. Thus, it should not be a boring or long piece of literature book, No. Instead go straight to the points and make it graphically appealing as much as you can.

We were about reviewing Rupeeza platform Airdrop/ICO/Bounty (Click to get free Rupeeza token) when we decided to checkout their whitepaper and viola, this guys wahooo us with the Whitepaper packaging and presentation platform, very short, precise and graphically rich and easy to understand and flip through the pages without been bored as a matter of fact was pressing may be there are still some pages left after the last page- none eventually, LOL!

Thus, we decided to recommend the platform used to our App users intending to write and package there whitepaper as pro. to reaffirm and convert prospective investor into real time partners and investors.

Sample Rupeeza Whitepaper – Click Here

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Its been a nice time out for the New Year celebration and sure 2018 is another booming year of Cryptocurrency you won’t want to miss out.

We believe you look forward to the best of the year 2018 in your Crypto trading and investment and we are also ready to help out providing you with platforms with amazing hidden benefits and possible cool returns in 2018 via MyCryptoDictionary APP – Download Here if you don’t have it yet, its free.

One of our pick now is Rupeeza, let take a glance on it.

What is Rupeeza?

Rupeeza is Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Decentralized Money Transfer Network. Distinctively, it gives back all hodler ROI for hodling the coin for certain period of time. With total supply of just 100,000,000RPZ

Rupeeza Features?

They outlined some features on their website but we will mention just four that seems to take the lead.

1) ERC20 Token: Check the dictionary section of this website App to know what ERC20 tokens are and that should gives the understand of the benefit of easily keeping the token in Ethereum compatible wallets like MEW, MetaMask and lot others without need for separate wallet.

2) Scaleability: Every crypto community member knows that as the community grows there arises issues of scaleability with leading cryptos and Rupeeza promised to be one of those platform to solve that among the many few available now. It was described to be able to process 3,500 Transactions per second.

3) Low Fee: Yeah another feature worth of note is that the Transfer of money can be done instantly with Rupeeza Token. It only takes a few cents to send a Rupeeza Transaction.

4) Interest: Cool, you also earn interest just for hodling Rupeeza in your Ethereum wallet.

How to Get Rupeeza?

There are different way to do that;

UPDATE(17thJan,2018): Rupeeza had moved from Ethereum to Waves Blockchain- Click To Read Details Here

i) Get 2,000 Free Via Airdrop – Click Here

ii) Purchase via ICO – Click Here 

iii) Bounty (Share info about Rupeeza like this you just read and get compensations) – Click Here

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading and investment is a risk. Always use what you can afford to lose and always do your research as we will not be liable for any loss incurred.