The first in our review series for Blockchain and crypto related games pick is Crypto,Kitty.

What is Crypto Kitty?

We have the definition and what its all about already added to our crypto dictionary, Thus, click to learn more at CryptoKitties

How To Play The CryptoKitty Game?

  1. Visit the website as indicated in the dictionary page above
  2. Register
  3. Sigin
  4. Build and sell unique Cat/Kitties
  5. Buy and resell unique Cat/Kitties
  6. Or just Hodl and could hit a fortune if demand for your Cat/Kitties spikes

How To Earn Crypto Playing The CryptoKitties Game?

You earn building unique kitties and then sell or you buy one and resell higher or better still just hodl and might get even higher returns in future (Though no guarantee).

Users Feedback on CryptoKitty?

Yeah its your turn to send us feedbacks on your experience with the game using the comment box below and share buttons to share this article with friends. Thanks!

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