We have decided to start giving updates on latest official info from different exchanges to help our users.


Latest News: Binance Exchange

Resetting Two-Factor Authentication

For anyone that needs to reset their 2FA, you will need to open a support ticket (https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). If you already have, please attach the following to it:

1) The front your ID card or passport, with the personal information clearly visible.

2) A picture of the back of your ID card. If using a passport, include a picture of the cover.

3) A picture of yourself with the current date/time on a handwritten note, including your request (“Reset 2FA”), with the front side of your ID card clearly visible.

After you have completed this, we will reset your 2FA as soon as we are able. Once reset, you will be unableto withdraw for 48 hours. This is for the security of your account.

Source: Binance English official telegram group

We have decided to start giving updates on latest official info from different exchanges to help our users.


Latest News: GoldReward GRX Internal Exchange

Dear Users, we found that our domain registrator put our domain on hold. We took all steps needed to unlock access to our site. But it can take some time. Don’t worry and be patient. All coins are safe. We are doing our best to solve the situation. And we hope it will be solved as soon as possible.
Thanks for understanding

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We have decided to start giving updates on latest official info from different exchanges to help our users. Our first on the list is Mercatox.

Latest News: Mercatox

Dear Users, we found that our domain registrator put our domain on hold. We took all steps needed to unlock access to our site. But it can take some time. Don’t worry and be patient. All coins are safe. We are doing our best to solve the situation. And we hope it will be solved as soon as possible.
Thanks for understanding

Source: Mercatox official telegram group

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 In this day and age, a lot of people would like to try their hand at trading Bitcoin. Whether through day trading, scalping, or long-term holding, there are many different strategies to pursue. Unfortunately, without proper knowledge, people will lose a great deal of money. The Bitcoin Trading Simulator may be of great help in this regard, even though it can’t exactly mimic the experience of actually trading cryptocurrency.


In most cases, one would not even consider trading Bitcoin without first understanding the basics. Technical analysis can be of great value in any sector, even though it does require people to believe in such predictions sufficiently to make them come true. Not everyone wants to get the hang of MACD movements, Bollinger bands, head-and-shoulders patterns, et cetera. It’s not necessarily the smart approach to Bitcoin trading, but it can still work out just fine.

Even so, it is still advised not to begin trading Bitcoin directly without some practice. That is much easier said than done, though, as there have not been many free tools allowing people to do exactly that. With the Bitcoin Trading Simulator, that’s beginning to change. It is a third-party tool developed by Reddit user theonlyalt2. The goal of this tool is to let people experience the thrill of trading Bitcoin without risking any money until they know what they are doing.

As one would expect, this is not a live trading chart. What it does provide, however, is a historical graph of Bitcoin price movements which allows users to recognize patterns. It also shows that selling for tiny profits is not the only viable strategy whatsoever. After spending a few seconds with this simulator, it becomes evident that holding Bitcoin for a few days or weeks also leads to big profits. A golden rule in trading is to always take small to medium-size profits rather than hold out for major gains – or major losses.

Moreover, the Bitcoin Trading Simulator presents all necessary information in a format that is easy to comprehend. One can see when they bought BTC, how many units they are holding, the current price, and one’s proceeds. In our first “trade”, we netted a profit of 10.83% by holding onto our Bitcoins for just over a month. Although this is no guarantee of expected returns in 2017 and beyond, it is still interesting to take into account.

For the more technical analysis-oriented individuals out there, this platform won’t offer much value. It is still a work in progress and the developer may decide to add some additional features over time. When that happens, it may become a viable competitor to TradingView, although that will still remain the go-to platform for most people who want to gain a better understanding of how cryptocurrency trading works…….

Source: Test Your Skills With This Bitcoin Trading Simulator

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Youbit has revealed plans to file for bankruptcy. The decision to close operations follows announcements that the exchange was hacked for the second time this year.

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   Second Accident in a Year

Youbit announced on its website on Tuesday that it had been hacked at 4:35am local time on Tuesday, causing a loss worth 17 percent of its total assets. It did not elaborate on the amount, but said all customers’ cryptocurrency assets will be marked down to 75 percent of their value, adding that the other coins were kept in cold wallets and there were no additional losses. Accordingly, all coins trading and cash withdrawals were suspended to minimize customer losses.

Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Youbit to Close After Second Hacking in a Year

Youbit is a smaller player in South Korea’s cryptocurrency market. It had been hacked once before in April when nearly 4,000 BTC were stolen in a cyberattack that the country’s spy agency linked to North Korea, according to a recent South Korean newspaper report.

An official at Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), the state agency that responds to cyberattacks, said the police and KISA officials were starting an investigation into the hacking.

Rising Concerns About Security

Bitcoin exchanges have a history of being targeted, especially in a bullish crypto market where bitcoin and altcoins are gaining more traction.

Bitcoin traded at around $18,615 on Coinbase at press time. And on Sunday evening it made its long-awaited debut on CME Group with the sale price for its Jan. 18 contracts initially opening above $20,000 and later dropping back to $19,500. CME data reveals that over 200 January 2018 contracts were bought during the first hour.

Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Youbit to Close After Second Hacking in a Year

Source: Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Youbit to Close After Second Hack in a Year

Atomic swaps have become quite popular in the world of cryptocurrency. That is to be expected, as this concept removes the need for centralized exchanges altogether. One of the biggest challenges to overcome is finding ways to trade value across different blockchains which may not be natively compatible with one another. The first atomic swap between Bitcoin Cash and Komodo has now been completed on the BarterDEX platform.


In the world of atomic swaps, one would expect most of these trades to occur with Bitcoin. After all, the main reason centralized exchanges are so popular is that they allow users to exchange Bitcoin for various altcoins and vice versa. If this method were to become obsolete and value could be exchanged directly, the cryptocurrency ecosystem would be much better off. There is still a lot of work to be done before we see such atomic swaps at the protocol level, though.

Moreover, it seems solutions such as BarterDEX aren’t too keen on using Bitcoin for atomic swaps in general. The company is dropping all Bitcoin support in this regard, as the high fees and slow confirmation times make the entire concept of atomic swaps nearly impossible. Bitcoin Cash is of greater interest to the team, and the first atomic swap involving BCH and Komodo has been completed successfully. This is a big milestone for the team and the involved cryptocurrencies, as it shows exchanging value directly is certainly possible.

In this atomic swap, the buyer used KMD to buy Bitcoin Cash using BarterDEX, and the trade was completed in short order. A lot of new opportunities are waiting to be explored, and it seems both BarterDEX and Komodo will play a big role in the future of atomic swaps. Not too long ago, we also saw Litecoin get involved with on-chain atomic swaps, although those trades did not involve BarterDEX.

For users, atomic swaps introduce a lot of positive changes. First of all, there are no verification processes required to convert various cryptocurrencies, as there is no centralized exchange overseeing things. Although this will undoubtedly attract the attention of cybercriminals as well, it also allows all enthusiasts to use cryptocurrency as it was meant to be. This entire ecosystem focuses on decentralization; thus, it makes no sense to rely on centralized trading platforms whatsoever.

It will be interesting to see how this successful trade affects the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Although still an altcoin compared to Bitcoin, it is evident this particular ecosystem has seen a lot of growth and many positive developments. Assuming BCH can become an integral part of cryptocurrency atomic swaps, its future certainly looks a lot more interesting than it did before. Especially now that BarterDex may be dropping Bitcoin support altogether, it’s worth keeping an eye on these developments.

Anyone can see the cryptocurrency industry is maturing and finding……

Source: First Atomic Swap Between Bitcoin Cash and Komodo Is a Success

Coinbase, the global cryptocurrency industry’s largest brokerage and wallet platform valued at over $1.6 billion, has become the Apple app store’s top app, surpassing YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Finance and bitcoin journalist Paul Vigna revealed:

Here are your top 10 apps in Apple’s App Store right now:

10 Amazon
9 Bitmoji
8 Google Maps
7 Snapchat
6 Facebook
5 Gmail
4 Instagram
3 Messenger
2 YouTube
1 Coinbase

That’s a little surreal. 

Coinbase Struggling to Address Rapid User Growth

Earlier today, on December 8, the Coinbase team stated that the platform has been experiencing record high traffic, causing delays in logins and other on-site activities.

“We are currently experiencing record high traffic. This is resulting in some customers having slow performance or issues logging into their Coinbase accounts. We are actively working to resolve this as quickly as possible,” the Coinbase team wrote.

As the leading bitcoin brokerage and wallet platform with more than 14 million users, Coinbase has evolved into the go-to platform for newcomers and casual investors in the US. The user base of Coinbase along with other major exchanges often peak amidst strong bitcoin rallies.

Most recently, the bitcoin price surpassed $17,500, achieving a historic all-time high. Subsequently, the Coinbase trading platform experienced an abrupt surge in user activity and user growth.

On its peak days, Coinbase had previously added hundreds of thousands of users within a 24-hour span. On November 2 and November 7 for instance, Coinbase recorded over 100,000 new users, adding more than a million users in the month of November alone, according to data provided by Atlanta Digital Currency Fund partner Alistair Milne.

Future of Coinbase

On August 11, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong announced that the company had secured $100 million through its Series D funding round led by IVP. At the time, Armstrong stated that a significant part of the capital and resources obtained in the latest funding round, which increased the market valuation of the company to $1.6 billion, in addressing the rapid user growth of Coinbase and GDAX.

“Coinbase experienced unprecedented growth over the last year, and we have now exchanged over $25 billion USD of digital currency for our customers. We’ll be using this new funding to continue scaling even further. Specifically, we will: Increase the size of our engineering and customer support teams to improve the customer experience. Open a GDAX office in New York City, further investing in our ability to serve institutions and professional traders,” wrote Armstrong.

If Coinbase successfully sustains the exponential growth rate of its user base in the mid to long-term, and the company grows proportional to the rapidly evolving bitcoin market, it will also need to provide customer services that are on par with leading institutions in the finance industry, such as Paypal and Visa.

Source: Bitcoin Brokerage Coinbase Becomes Apple Store’s Top App, Surpassing YouTube