This Huobi Talk Episode 34 is a must watch and one of the highest Airdrop you will also not like to miss worth $35,000. As usual, I guess you should have earned a lot of free coins/token from past Huobi Talk Episodes airdrops but if not, you are about to discover how to in this article. The next Huobi Talk Episode 34 featuring BnKToTheFuture project will be presented by a guest speaker; Simon Dixon, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder, BnKToTheFuture. Simon will be sharing his views on investing in the future of finance, the tradition banking platform vs blockchain as well as his overall views on Bitcoin as well as BnKToTheFuture.  And it’s indeed going to be very interesting especially if you are following the growth and recovering phases the Crypto market is experiencing now and considering upcoming platforms to invest into their token at early stage when it’s even cheaper.

An Overview of BnKToTheFuture

What is BnKToTheFuture

BnkToTheFuture started with mission to build the largest and most reputable Online Investment Platform in order to co-invest with other professional investors in the future of finance and technology in 2010. And today they have the largest community of over 47, 500 global professional investors all investing online in FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain companies via their platform.

In 2011, at the same time that Bitcoin was growing in popularity and the first Altcoins were being launched, their CEO, Simon Dixon, spoke at the world’s very first Bitcoin conference in Europe. He also wrote what may have been the first published book to include the subject of Bitcoin, ‘Bank To The Future: Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust’. Simon later became one of the first founding members and Directors of the UK Digital Currency Association (UKDCA).

Watch this brief intro video about the project below:

BFT – The Undervalued Gem

There are some undervalued Gems in crypto though hard to come by but when discovered, they always worth the search, BnKToTheFuture (BFT token) is one of them. Considering some of its impressive move since launched about 4months ago moving from less than 10cent ($0.07) to over 30cents ($0.34) in the span of 3months and netting investors at least 200% returns on their investment.

It currently has a market cap less than $200Million which gives it room to deliver at least 500% returns to investors before it could hit $1Billion Market Cap. And also, maintaining impressive daily trading volume of about $2million in the last 24hours.

One of the ways to know undervalued Gem is also considering the number of exchanges it has been listed on, the more the exchanges, the more the liquidity and tendency for price spike too. BFT is currently on few exchanges now like HuobiPro which account for about 40% of the total trading volume in the last 24hours and you can easily trade it with BTC and ETH pairs HERE.

BnKToTheFuture Successful Investments Track Records

As an investment platform, BnKToTheFuture has a proven track record as one of the early investors into leading projects that are doing great in the crypto world today. Some of them are;

  1. i) Ethereum – Yeah, they are one of the early investors and today Eth is the second largest crypto platform in the world with mouth-watering market cap of over $50Billion and about $2Billion 24hours trade volume. Aside the aforementioned, ETH Blockchain holds the largest number of smart contracts built token projects today having over 1,000 of them already launched and trading in the market.
  2. ii) ZCash – Another project taking the lead in cryptocurrency transaction privacy and anonymity preservation across the Globe.

Some others notable ones are Storj, MaidSafe, Factoms and others.

Interested in investing or trading BFT token? Start Here Now!

What is Huobi Talk?

Huobi Talk is a live broadcast held every Thursday from 12pm to 2pm (GMT+8), where Huobi features projects and the interesting stories behind the projects.

Join the live episode as the anchor share insights on the Blockchain industry and dive deep into conversations surrounding Blockchain and the endless possibilities of the future of cryptocurrency.

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Who is the Sponsor of Huobi Talk Episodes?

Huobi Talk is sponsored by Huobi Pro, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin exchange.

HuobiPro is one of the top 4 exchanges in the world by huge daily trading volume. It offers trading convenience interface for users and also protects users against losses that may arise from hacks causing loss of funds with their backup fund known as HuobiPro User Protection Fund (linked to previous article). They recently introduced another exchange, HADAX with more focus on screening off shit coins/tokens and only make available viable projects coins/tokens available to traders with voting power for users to have the final say. To learn more about HuobiPro Click Here.


How to Earn Free Coins/Tokens Weekly Via Huobi Talk Airdrops?

This is another exciting aspect of the Huobi Talk which usually includes free airdrop of the coin/tokens featured for that week and some extra too. To claim your free coin/token is much easier than you might though off because all you need are outlined step by step below;

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The next one is Episode 33 featuring HuobiPro Crypto Assets Monthly Highlights (more details below).

6) Pay attention to the anchor of the program and at the last minutes of ending the show, you will be instructed to start dropping your Huobi ID in a particular format e.g UI00000000 @Love HuobiPro (just make sure you write it as instructed – check the live program description, it will help too).

7) If done correctly and swiftly, you will get the airdrop amount fixed for that week within few days after in your HuobiPro account which you can exchange to Bitcoin or others at will.

How to Watch Huobi Talk Episode 34 and Claim Your Free Crypto Airdrop?

If you have followed the above instructions correctly, then it becomes easier to watch Huobi Talk and also claim the free airdrop (Don’t forget to subscribe to their channel to stay updated on latest info):

Program: Huobi Talk

Episode: 34

Program Host: Huobi

Featuring Project: BnKToTheFuture (BFT)

Project Representative(s): Simon Dixon, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder, BnKToTheFuture.

Key Discussion: Simon will be sharing his views on investing in the future of finance, the tradition banking platform vs blockchain as well as his overall views on Bitcoin as well as BnKToTheFuture.

Airdrop Price Pool:  218, 750BFT worth $35,000

Date:  14th June, 2018

Time/ Time Zone: 12PM (GMT+8)

Program Sponsor: HuobiPro

Social: @Huobi_Pro (twitter)

Website: HuobiPro 

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Kindly do your research before you invest in any crypto project because the above is for information purpose only not as professional or legal investment/trading advise.

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What is Coins4Clothes?

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How To Earn On Coins4Clothes?

You earn Cryptocurrency just by donating your fairly used clothes to the platform. It will be valued and you will be compensated with BitcoinCash.

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