Hello My Cryptocurrency Dictionary App Users.

Based on feed back so far we have decided to create a section on this website to give updates to our App users and tell the story behind the MyCD App and it uses has new updates rolls in.

What Is MyCryptoDictionary MyCD App?

It is an App which contains information about cryptocurrency jargon to help crypto community users have a place to check for meaning of crypto terms easily on the go without need to consult a lot of materials via search engines which could be confusing most times especially to newbies in crypto.

One of the first challenge every newbie face when they join crypto based community and chat groups online is different terms been used in conversation which is totally alien and different from the familiar terms to them and most crypto Professionals communicate using them in chats often,at times all the conversation might turn out to be of no benefit to newbies in the group. Even pros does not know or able to retain all crypto terms and somethings need to check over again for reminder if its term that are not used frequently or peculiar to a blockchain, coin or token they are not consistent with.

Thus, My Cryptocurrency Dictionary was birthed after crosscheck on platforms like playstore and could only find 3 dictionary related to crypto. One was created and last updated in 2013 with about 14+ terms, the second one around June 2017 but with just 20+ terms while the third which was from same developer of second app as an update was around October 2017 with about 46+ terms (That 100% above the previous version).

The research and technical work began after clearly seeing that the Crypto Community need a Dictionary App indeed and finally test version released, shortly after with feedbacks from few users less than 10, the MyCrytoDictionary App and MyCryptoDictionary.com was launched on 10th December, 2017.

It was fully launched and made available on Google Playstore that same day and the push for getting and satisfying users began.

How far have we gone?

Within 3 weeks of launch we have updated the terms from 53 to over 200 and now as we have our roadmap for Q1 2018 to load it up to 1,000+ terms and release new version to reflect current users feedbacks, we will keep our user glued to the app in coming months which had grown tremendously to over 240 installs and 110 active users.

Aside the dictionary, MyCD App is integrated with Crypto News, ICO, Airdrops/Bounty with Trading and Investment Signals from top crypto platforms worldwide. Thus, MyCryptoDictionary App is to become a personal assistance App to Newbies and Pros alike in the fast growing new cryptocurrency World.

Olasunkanmi Ayomide Fakeye

Lead Developer/Founder

MyCD App Team

Whatsapp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=2347066052228

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Oskaaay

Facebook: https://facebook.com/MyCryptoDictionary