Blockchain Technology Is Changing Everything!

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The end of 2017 and into the beginning of 2018 has brought new terminology into the mainstream.  That terminology is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (or “crypto” as the kids are calling it).  The market went through its typical hype phase where merely mentioning either of those buzzwords would see blockchain stocks soar to unthinkable heights.   Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Now that investors have had a taste of this sector and have become much more familiar with the market, it comes as no surprise that what “crypto 2.0” will bring is a waive of traders using due diligence and investigative research to make investment decisions.  This is in stark comparison to simply depending on hype as many cryptocurrency & blockchain-tech investors did early on. A Real Opportunity for Investors! The rising market cap of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings, greater demand for simplified business processes, transparency as well as the ability to handle faster transactions has greatly added to the attention on this new industry.  Surely the digital currencies have become more mainstream, but it has been blockchain technology that has taken center stage to become the next global disruptor. Blockchain-as-a-Service is also showing to be able to fuel the growth of this market. The further adoption of blockchain for communication service providers, the growth of international trade, supply chain management, and greater acceptance of blockchain for payments, has created real opportunities for the advancement of this market. This has been a main reason as to why investors are…
Source: Blockchain Technology Is Changing Everything!

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