Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Thomson Reuters to Track Top 100 Cryptocurrencies


Thomson Reuters has expanded its sentiment data tracking service to cover the top 100 cryptocurrencies. You can find details about the TRMI 3.1 crypto sentiment package in our daily rubric, Bitcoin in Brief. Today’s edition also features other announcements crypto investors may find interesting. Some useful tools can help them develop dynamic strategies on the volatile markets, while a new bot offers automated crypto trading.      Also read: Bitcoin in Brief Wednesday: Zug Tests Blockchain to Decide on Fireworks and Digital IDs Thomson Reuters Expands Its Crypto Sentiment Data Tracking Thomson Reuters has included market data for the top 100 cryptocurrencies in its sentiment data offerings. The service is provided in cooperation with Marketpsych Data LLC, a leader in quantitative behavioral science. The expansion comes after the introduction of bitcoin sentiment index in March, when Marketpsych 3.0 was revealed, as reported, and the launch of cryptocurrency real-time rates data feed for six cryptocurrencies in May. According to the official announcement, the new Marketpsych Indices package uses machine learning and natural language processing to measure emotional and topical items across news and social media sites that may drive market participant behavior in cryptocurrency markets. TRMI 3.1 monitors more than 2,000 global news and 800 social media platforms in real-time. The providers of the service also note that the historical data dates back to 2009. The collected sentiment data can be incorporated into quantitative and qualitative analysis to support investment decisions, the press release details. Investors and other interested professionals can…
Source: Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Thomson Reuters to Track Top 100 Cryptocurrencies

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