Binance Coin Price: More Gains Push Value Toward $17


In a rather surprising turn of events, it seems the cryptocurrency makers are not necessarily intention losing value today. That in itself is rather rare on a Sunday, but the day is only halfway through. So far, it seems Binance Coin continues to note the strongest gains of them all. Binance Coin Price Trucks Along Nicely Although Binance remains the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume to date, it doesn’t necessarily mean the native currency will remain appealing. So far, the Binance Coin price has impressed a lot of people and may continue to do so for quite some time to come. Over the past 24 hours, there has been another strong 5.39% gain for BNB. This effectively catapults the Binance Coin price to $16.45, which is almost the highest point since February of 2018. It is still a bit away from the all-time high Binance Coin price, which still sits at just over $24. As one would expect from these gains, there are also improvements in the BNB/BTC and BNB/ETH ratios. With a 5.03% increase over Bitcoin and a 4.89% gain over Ethereum, things are looking very promising for Binance Coin right now. If this trend keeps up, it can effectively push the Binance Coin price to $17 in the coming hours. Even though all cryptocurrencies still suffer from a declining volume, it appears there is enough liquidity in the BNB market. With $94.754 in 24-hour trades, the demand to buy and sell Binance Coin is clearly visible for…
Source: Binance Coin Price: More Gains Push Value Toward

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