Betting on the Blockchain: LetBet Provides Innovation Platform for Gambling Game Developers

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In the biggest revolution in casino gaming since the introduction of online gambling in the 1990s, LetBet is not only disrupting the current system of centralized gaming operators but also reengineering the blockchain.   Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Since John Montagu (Earl of Sandwich) invented the sandwich at a poker table in the 18th century, the same casino games have dominated the global casino market. Game development has become a global digital market, but gamblers still favour the same games, which have undergone little variation. Bill Healey, Business Development Manager for LetBet, explains how LetBet’s  next generation blockchain is raising the stakes in game development, while providing a more secure and profitable gaming environment for players. The Merkle: Like video games, new casino games are a key competitive tool for casino operators. How will the transition of casino gaming to gaming ecosystems run on a lean digital ledger spur game development innovation in an industry largely lacking it? Bill Healey: The blockchain supports game development innovation by addressing three key weaknesses of centralized game operators: trust, security and incentives. The lack of innovation comes down to trust. For centuries, poker, craps, slot machines and blackjack have been the most played casino games. Players know these “tried-and-true” games and their rules, whereas new gambling games introduce unknown software code, rules and risks. The ‘trustless’ blockchain is disrupting the centuries-old status quo by creating trust, in the way of transparent and provably fair global gaming platforms. The coin economy essentially…
Source: Betting on the Blockchain: LetBet Provides Innovation Platform for Gambling Game Developers

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