BCH-Powered Social Media Apps Launch New Features


This week the two popular Bitcoin Cash social media applications, Memo and Blockpress have rolled out a bunch of new features on each platform. Now users on both platforms can upload pictures, video, and even torrent magnets found on the Pirate Bay. Also Read: Trading Cryptocurrencies Like a Boss Takes Time and Research  Memo and Blockpress  So far over the past couple of weeks, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters have been utilizing two specific BCH-powered social media platforms — Blockpress and Memo. The Memo application arrived on the scene first during the second week of April offering BCH users the ability to write 77 character-long phrases using an on-chain method called an OP_Return transaction. Every action on Memo utilizes a transaction and an extremely small fraction of BCH and over the past few weeks; Memo has added a bunch of new features. The Memo app keeps adding features like topics, archived, personalized, and a new post feed. At the end of April news.Bitcoin.com reported on Memo adding additional features like replies, emojis, and a counter for typing. The platform was getting a lot of use seeing more than 3,000 transactions in one day when the developers added the ‘reply’ feature. Now the Memo programmers have added a ‘Topics’ section a place where people can discuss specific subjects such as adding a dislike button to Memo, Christianity, BCH price predictions, flat earth conspiracies, and any topic that’s trending on the application. Memo Images, Video, and Pirate Bay Magnets Moreover, on May 10, the…
Source: BCH-Powered Social Media Apps Launch New Features

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