ARK Core Updates Pave the Way for DPoS Blockchain Technology

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After announcing platform development for its Core v2 blockchain update, ARK, has now proudly followed up with an in-depth look into this recent development. This optimized version of the ARK Core boasts an impressive number of features that addresses existing concerns with the platforms and implements exciting, new functionalities. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Platform Rejig The ARK team has stated the changes were a necessity ahead of its next-generation deployable DPoS blockchains. Initially developed on the Crypti/Lisk legacy code, the team had to scrap this foundation entirely in order to build their own code base based on recommendation from the ARK’s Contract Execution Services (ACES) and ARK’s internal work. The recommendation was as a result of a thorough investigation into improving the core codebase to facilitate the needs of the platform. The investigation, which started in the fall of 2017, has enabled the team to completely revamped the platform and reposition its potential as an industry leader. ARK developmental team is now pleased to announce that they are very close to releasing the beta of the project onto DevNet for public testing. Providing an insight into the blockchain’s capability, ARK’s Co-founder, Francois Thoorens, says: “Once the blockchain is downloaded and assuming it is not corrupted, we have managed to perform a complete rebuild in a little over 1 minute for mainnet on a Macbook Pro. So now each time you restart your node, the script performs a rebuild so processes can be safely synced back to the network.…
Source: ARK Core Updates Pave the Way for DPoS Blockchain Technology

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