Alphabit: What You Need To Know About Alphabit Platform

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As our culture to always bring you best in ICO, Trading signals and bounty always to help you maximize your cryptocurrency investment and happy member of MyCryptoDictionary App users community. We are here with another platform by name Alphabit.

What is Alphabit? is a decentralized social media community. The internet is being censored all around us and big organizations control what people see and don’t see in the form of not only advertisements but also complicated algorithms. aims to change the censorship and control of the internet.

Alphabit believes that the creators of content and those viewing the content deserve to be rewarded in the form of Aphabit (LPH) for what they provide to the community. There is no middle man or mediatary control over the community.

What does Alphabit have to offer users?

They have a lot of features but lets just talk about two;

  1. Social media platform: Socialize with other community members worldwide
  2. Earn for No1: That means you earn their token for been active and interacting with other members as state is 1 above.

How To Earn on Alphabit?

You can earn on Alphabit doing the following including but not limited to the following:

  • Creating an Account
  • Posting an Update
  • Uploading a Profile Photo
  • Adding Friends
  • Posting in Forms
  • Joining Groups
  • Viewing Pages / Content
  • Selling Content
  • Positive Behavior
  • Plus a whole bunch more

How To Get Alphabit?

The basic ways to get it as of now is via;

  1. ICO – Click Here For ICO
  2. Bounty – Click Here For Bounty Offers

Click Here To Go To Alphabit Official Website Now

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