“Alexa, Send XRP To Dad”


The XRP Tip Bot is used on Reddit, Twitter and Discord for the shole purpose of being able to send small amounts of XRP to other users and now the bot could be available on the Amazon Alexa App Store thanks to a third party developer sometime in the future. Hey @haydentiff, hilarious video yesterday!:D I have something new for you. I hope you guys own an Alexa at home This will go into beta soon, so some people can try it out. But still needs some improvements first Thanks also to @WietseWind for the support with the API pic.twitter.com/5LA6AFTckI — nixer (@nixerFFM) November 6, 2018 Initially being created by the Twitter user, Nixer using the API from the XRP Tip Bot designed by Wietse Wind the new application will allow verbal commands to be said including being able to check balances and direct transaction initiation. As mentioned by SludgeFeed, in a video posted to Nixer’s account, the developer simply states “Send XRP to Tiffany Hayden” who is a member of the community for XRP and the app used a voice response to determine how much to send. After Nixer sent out the amount, the app then asked for confirmation before sending the tokens and the transaction was verified by Wind directly. Despite the app for Alexa is still in pre-beta and it would require Amazon approval to be added to the app store, this sounds promising. Currently, there are more than 74,000 tips which have been sent through the…
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