Airdrop to Holders of Video-Game Tokens


NITRO, the public-company backed cryptocurrency for the games industry, announces airdrop to holders of current video-game tokens. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article In line with its mission to empower gamers with the opportunity to have a say in games that are in the process of development, NITRO will airdrop a total of 50 NOX per wallet holders of a carefully curated list of video-games tokens. To be eligible for the airdrop, token-holders must hold the equivalent of at least 0.1 ETH of major video game tokens and register to stake a claim on NITRO’s website. The major video game tokens are as follows: AppCoins, Decentraland, DMarket, Enjin, Flux, Game Machine, KickICO, MobileGo, NITRO, Playkey, Skincoin and WAX. Registrations will begin on the 20th of December and last till the 31st of December (23:59 GMT). Only the first 10,000 registrants with eligible wallets will receive NOX. The list of eligible wallets will be obtained from a snapshot taken on 01:00 hours on 24th December (GMT). The airdrop will enable recipients to join current NOX holders in: Being able to vote on the funding of games Receive discounts when converting to in-game currency Participate in reward programs for their activity within the network The airdrop will be conducted in the following manner: A snapshot of the blockchain will be taken on 01:00 of 24th December (GMT) The distribution of NOX will begin by the second week of January. For existing NOX holders As a form of reward for participation in the…
Source: Airdrop to Holders of Video-Game Tokens

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