A Look at Two More Bitcoin Cash Token Projects in the Works


Since the Bitcoin Cash upgrade last May there’s been a sudden emergence of token creation protocols introduced to the BCH protocol. Lots of projects and ideas have been released over the past few months priming up the flames of competitive development. Now there are two more BCH-based token protocols that have been introduced to the BCH community — Recursive Smelting and a javascript project called Bitcoin Token. Also Read: Steve Eisman of ‘The Big Short’ Fame: What Value Does Cryptocurrency Actually Add? Two More Bitcoin Cash-Powered Token Projects Revealed So many representative token creation projects have been revealed to the BCH community over the past few months that it’s been like a flood of tokenization innovation. Projects like these really started kicking into high gear after the BCH hard fork that increased the block size to 32MB, expanded the default data-carrier-size to 220 bytes, and re-enabled previously disabled Satoshi Opcodes. The last two upgrade features really sparked the start of token projects being built with the BCH protocol. Over the last couple of weeks, news.Bitcoin.com has been reviewing each proposal and testing some of the token platforms that have already been released into the wild. This week we looked at two more unique tokenization ideas that have been recently introduced to BCH supporters. An Introduction to Recursive Smelting One interesting project that has not yet been released into the wild is a concept called ‘Recursive Smelting’ an idea authored by the developers Harry Barber, and Chris Novick. The proposal introduced by…
Source: A Look at Two More Bitcoin Cash Token Projects in the Works

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