3 Short-term XRP Price Predictions – 2018 Week 47 Edition


There has been a lot of focus on XRP over the past few weeks. Not just because it proves to be a very appealing asset to speculators, but also because it has been a lot more stable than traditional cryptocurrencies, for the most part. As such, the opinions on where the XRP price will head next are somewhat divided. These three short-term XRP price predictions are quite interesting in their own regard. The Continuation Triangle Play While it is evident the value of XRP will continue to fluctuate quite a bit for the foreseeable future, one has to wonder where things will head next. According to Sherem, it is very possible the triangular pattern which started forming a while ago remains in play. That would be quite interesting to keep an eye on first and foremost, primarily because it can push the XRP either sideways or down in the coming days. More specifically, it seems the sideways momentum could keep the value per XRP near the $0.5 mark for some time to come. If another bearish wave were to happen, it can effectively push the value down to $0.38, which would not necessarily be all that catastrophic whatsoever. The uptrend, which seems to be on the horizon in either scenario, could elevate XRP to $0.65 or even $1 in quick succession. A very bullish outlook, although there is a chance for more downward pressure first and foremost. The Short-term Drop to $0.38 It would appear most XRP analysts identify the…
Source: 3 Short-term XRP Price Predictions – 2018 Week 47 Edition

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