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UPDATE 26th July 2018: We have now stopped and swapped Foskaay for this app official token, MyCryptodictionary Token (MCDT) and can be earned interacting with this app at

76Billion Foskaay

UTILITY Token Airdrop




Hello Dear!

Am glad to have you on board and finally making this project open to all crypto community to contribute for us to build our preferred World No1 Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Dictionary together as one community to help newbies understand crypto jargon and also encourage mass adoption of crypto and create equal opportunity for all to tap into crypto wealth legitimately worldwide.

“I don’t have Billions of dollars cash to help those in need across the world now as I desire to but this platform is what I have now and decided to put forward for the benefit of all by leveraging on the disruptive power of Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, Blockchain.

If we can all come together and build a massive, active and formidable community around it, which could in turn become value driver for the Foskaay token, then as many that hold this airdrop token will rise to wealth”

– Olasunkanmi Fakeye

To make this achievable after initiating this project for the past 6 months and thus its a tested, proven and working product and handling virtually all aspect of it development till date, have decided to make the project community based and therefore each individual contribution will be rewarded with our official utility token “Foskaay” and this simply mean, the community contribution to making this project a success will determine the value of the token you have via this airdrop will worth now and in future.

First, I need to do a brief introduction of the face behind this project;

I am Olasunkanmi Fakeye, a web/digital marketing and cryptocurrency consultant from Nigeria and also the founder and developer of this MyCryptoDictionary platform.

MyCDApp started about 10th December, 2017 launched with about 53 crypto terms and meaning and forwarded till today (just about 6months) it has over 600 crypto terms and meaning. Some of the noticeable move with summary below:

  • Over 600 crypto terms and meaning
  • News section – with feeds from top blogs across the crypto world
  • Muilti-languages translation to make it usable across the world without language barrier
  • Android App
  • Web version (all app features are accessible directly on any Phone or PC browser making it accessible to non-app users too)
  • iOS App (in view)
  • Audio version for each words (in view)
  • Animated illustration of terms for more understanding of crypto jargon by newbies (in view)
  • Crypto radio (partnership in view – we are not creating this but partner with existing platform to integrate into our platform for users)
  • Crypto TV (partnership in view – we are not creating this but partner with existing platform to integrate into our platform for users)
  • Crypto Exchange (already have Changelly test integration and plan more partnership in view – we are not creating this but partner with existing platform to integrate into our platform for users)
  • Others as will be suggested and voted for by the community springing up from this airdrop


How do we build MyCryptoDictionary together and also give value to the utility token you get in this airdrop?

1) We will henceforth accept submission of crypto terms and definition from any member of the community and at the end of it will include credit to your name to stand on the footprint of crypto dictionary for life. Though the team can modify to avoid issues of copy-paste from another platform and plagiarism.

2) The community will be able to vote for the crypto news websites/Blogs they want to be reading on this platform and that will be selected as follows (before, only the team decides that but it is now in the community’s vote power):

> We have maximum of 10 feed slots for top 10 crypto websites/blogs feeds and our tool will pull 5 posts from each feed for 50 maximum post total daily (this could increase later base on the community vote).

> 5 feed slots will be reserved to be picked by the team which could be monetized to cover over-head running cost and also give more value to our token as we require the feed owners to purchase the token to make payment for each slot.

> 5 feed slots left will be selected and added for free based on community choice of the crypto news website/blog they want to be reading on the platform. The voting will be done in stages.

Stage A: Submission of the crypto website/blog names of choice by the community

Stage B: Selection of top 10 by community vote from stage A

Stage C: Selection of top 5 by community vote from stage B

Stage D: Inclusion of the top 5 voted website/blog feeds form stage C into MyCDApp for the coming month (30days free publicity and traffic for such platforms – goodluck to them – more power and influence to our community!)

Repeated every month to keep the community influence and voting power intact and continuously active.


How will the Airdrop be done?

We will adopt “Foskaay” token in this airdrop which is the official utility token in Foskaay ecosystem. For clarity, Foskaay is the platform behind MyCDApp. We initially launched a token sale about 3 months ago but decided to cancel and refund those who already contributed and instead of ICO, it will be distributed FREE making the ecosystem more of community driven and that birth the choice to go for Airdrop to help others across the globe benefit from cryptocurrency as we build the world’s no1 crypto dictionary platform together.

Foskaay will derive its value solely from the advertisement on the ecosystem platforms which includes presently MyCryptoDictionary and Foskaay forum (empowerment forum with weekly earning for African Youths) and the Community as a whole.

Thus, the larger this community becomes daily, the higher we attract advertisers to the platform and the more liquidity available and token value increase for all hodlers of Foskaay token. More details below;


Foskaay Token Uses & Sources of Value?

1) Advertisers will need to purchase from the community at open market via an exchange to pay for ads on any of Foskaay ecosystem platforms like; etc. Thus, giving more value to the token and influencing price positively.

Note: Pending when we complete the airdrop and the token will become widely accessible for advertisers to purchase, we will continue to accept other cryptos for ads payment on and distribute 50% of the revenue monthly to the community by buying from the community via an exchange.

2) The community is the core value. Thus, the larger, active and participating this family grows to become now and in future, the more value it gives Foskaay token. And ultimately the more the community/hodlers becomes wealthier together.

3) More value driven uses could be introduced by the team and the community in future. Thus, you can always drop your suggestions as a community member anytime.


Airdrop Info?

For you to understand that this project is now totally community driven and to make as many people across the world benefit from its growth now and in future independently away from the team, we are creating a maximum of 7.6Billion tokens and giving out 99% of it via this airdrop to the community. That simply means the team only retains 1% and the simple interpretation is that every of our effort in building this platform (MyCryptoDictionary) day and night will be to bless man kind (the community) and possibly reduce level of poverty by financially and continuously empowering hodlers by giving value to the token with the ecosystem constant development.

Thus, we will be maximizing the transparency nature of Blockchain to make sure the team stick to the purposes mentioned above and the community can monitor it via details below without interference.

Utility Token Name: Foskaay

Token Ticker: Foskaay

Blockchain: WAVES Blockchain

Token Contract Address: (first 600,000Foskaay issued with option to issue more in future on February 18th,2018 for ICO which was cancelled and contributors refunded) || ( second and last 75,999,400,000Foskaay re-issue done on June 30th, 2018 and token set on Waves Blockchain to none-reissueable which means even the team can never create more than the 76BillionFoskaay  again now or in future).

Token WAVES DEX (Exchange) Identifier (ID): 29CReT1We2U3f8nFVKVL5T7MJ1PwJEnqujkFP6xVZRaM

Maximum Supply: 76,000,000,000 (76Billion) Foskaay

Airdrop (99%): 75,240,000,000 (75.240Billion) Foskaay

Team (1%): 760,000,000 (760Million) Foskaay (Locked up for 2-7years)

Team Token Lockup Time: 24-72 Months [2-7years: Only 20% (152MillionFoskaay) of the team total locked up token will be released yearly from June 2020, spread over for 5years (to June, 2024) to avoid flooding the market and affecting price negatively and also assures long term dedication and support for the community by the team].

Team Lockup Wallet:  3PELC4F2V81zXkSt571aqjwu5N5EHK3rrSj {} (for monitoring by the community in case of premature release before 2 years after this airdrop launched June, 2018). First 20% release will be June, 2020; Second will be June, 2021; Third will be June, 2022; Fourth will be June, 2023; and the last release Fifth will be June, 2024.

Additionally, this proved that the project is for the community not to enrich the development team because we do not have access to sell the token until after 2years team token locked up released.

All token not disbursed during airdrop will be burnt and all the tokens we buy back monthly will also be burnt to make sure the team does not retain any to avoid crashing market price on exchange.


How Will The Team Pay For Expenses in Building MyCryptoDictionary If It Own No Token Till 2Years Time?

1) Through donation – if interested to partner kindly contact the team (no token reward will be given for donation – remember not ICO and it is 100% free airdrop distribution)

2) If we build large and active community through this airdrop, we will be able to generate huge ads revenue to sustain the platform and also buy back tokens from the community monthly.

3) Only 50% of the total amount made on adverts will be used to also add liquidity by buying back from the community via open market exchange and burn the token repeatedly at the end of the month for the next 2 years. The remaining 50% will cater for the development overhead and running cost.

NOTE: If there will be any adjustment here, we will communicate with the community to vote for available options.


How to Claim Airdrop?

Follow the instructions below;

1) The token was created on Waves Blockchain. Thus, you need to have a Waves wallet to receive it not Ethereum wallet. To create Waves wallet free if you don’t have any yet, go to .

2) Apply for the Airdrop via link below to get 50,000Foskaay token.

3) Refer and earn 5% of the airdrop per referral. That is 2,500Foskaay per each referral no maximum referral per account but having more than 100 referrals place you under stricter watch and distribution. if you can not prove not to be fraudulent trying to cheat the system built for the community to benefit, you risk losing the airdrop totally. Thus, scammers beware!

NOTE: This is a sacrifice on the part of the team to help many benefit from the forthcoming crypto boom across the World and not to enrich the team. Thus, manipulating or signing up yourself for multiple accounts will delay distribution of the token and finally deny you any airdrop once you are caught.


When Will Foskaay Hit Exchange After Airdrop?

We are glad to inform you that Foskaay token is immediately tradable once received on exchange. Big thanks to Waves Platform DEX (Decentralized Exchange).


Start claiming airdrop now at


After claiming from link above, check the airdrop distribution spreadsheet below to know if your entry validated and how many tokens you will probably get at